Lost Wolf

Lost Wolf

A wolf resides in a forest,

All knows who he is.

With the power he was born with,

He leads his pack with bliss.

Without much effort needed,

He leads his pack with pride.

There is nothing he cant have,

He showed nothing but strength and pride.

Despite his power and his glory,

He feels lost within his soul,

He has everything at his reach,

Though he cant find true happiness at all.

There are many that walk beside him,

Though he still feels alone in a crowd.

Although he smiles to hide it,

He is lost and cannot be found.

What is it that he’s missing,

When will he feel complete?

What must he do to find this,

Deep down his heart feels defeat.

But this powerful wolf won’t surrender,

Won’t give up till he finds what he needs.

With the strength and courage inside him,

He will discover what makes him complete.

All that he thought he was missing,

Was already there for him to to find.

Though the stubborn wolf was impatient,

What he yearned for was there and he was blind!

Silly Wolf

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