I Hate Fake People

There are these people that no matter what will tell you what you wanna hear. They will go out of their way to do you a favor. They will make promises and will actually go through with them. Sounds great right? Think again, and ill explain why I believe why… People always have a motive. What’s in it for me? If I tell this person this in that certain way, or know exactly what to say at the right moment, they will most likely feel like they found their soulmate! This sounds like a person who is too perfect. For instance, a woman who cooks all the time for you. Tells you compliments… Pretends to be interested in the same things you are into. Acts like she cares what your upset about but doesn’t do anything to show she really gives a shit. A real actress… I may say a lot of people are great at manipulating to get what and where they wanna be. Sad… Am I the only one who sees through the bullshit. It’s not genuine. Yes they talk to you, yes they take care of you when you are sick… But at the end of the day, do they really care about your feelings? Nope. Now I can have compassion for people like that because we all need a break in life… But all I’m saying is… KEEP IT REAL… Don’t pretend to be a dream girl. Those don’t really exist. I personally love those who are real, perfectly imperfect. Can I ask for anything more? Can you? Its hard to realize sometimes cuz they are so good at it… but you will see right through the bullshit… Until next time… And remember to pay attention to the alterior motives and/or selfishness.

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