Suffering and Pain Won’t Prove Worthiness

We go through life being told that we have to put our blood, sweat and tears into earning our happiness in life. We are also told, ” You are young, you still have a lot to go through before you can get what you want out of life.” Well I believe that we do not have to go through so much sacrifice in life to reach happiness “one day.”

We are all not promised tomorrow. Some freak accident could happen and our lives could end in a split second. A tornado can hit, a plane could crash, anything could happen that could prevent us from ever reaching our happiness in life. So the question is… What are we waiting for? Why not be happy now? What do we really need in life to reach a point of happiness?

First off, what is happiness? Happiness comes in many forms. It comes from enjoying good food. It may come from buying and driving a new vehicle. It may be going out dancing one night with the girls. It could be playing a game of football with the fellas. It could be buying those new pair of shoes. It could be having a child, Marriage, etc. And I can go on and on.

Next question is…. Once you get that thing that makes you happy, how long does the happiness last? This is where my point comes in. Be happy now. Be happy with what you have now. Everything you need is all around you. Family, friends, nature, pets…. Be grateful for now. As Thich Nhat Hanh says it best… “Live in the here and now…”.

Wakeup every morning with a smile. Kiss your dog. Take a breath of fresh air. Look around at how blessed you are. Hug your loved ones. Sip a cup of coffee and enjoy every moment of it…. Be happy now. Do whatever makes you happy…. NOW… You create your reality. Plant the seeds, and let them grow…..

Your are the director of your life.  No one else is…. Until next time…. ☺

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