Recognize The Mask You Have Been Hiding Beneath

Let’s face it. We are guilty of being full of shit throughout our lives too! But the key is to stop denying it, embrace it and take action to change things for the better. Don’t feel guilty. Its not your fault. Embrace all the mistakes you have made.

Realize you became this person who truly wasnt you. You stopped the real you from coming out! Were you afraid of what people might have thought of you? Or did you desire a certain way of life that you thought this was the only way you were going to get it?

Well stop the bullshit NOW! It’s a new year, a new day, a new beginning, and today can be day 1 on the journey towards the new, real you! Let go and follow your heart, and everything will fall into place! Oh and try to stay away from the poisonous people in your life that want you in the same bullshit life that they are in. Say hi and bye.. And work on you! Xoxoxo you can truly be you. I know you are inside there somewhere, waiting to come out! Until next time….

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