One Sided Bullshit Relationships

Here’s the next subject I would like to point out that is so full of shit. It’s one sided fuckin relationships. People are so fuckin selfish and self-centered that it makes me sick. Let’s elaborate alittle. In the beginning, you meet that “special” someone. You go out a few times, until you realize you wanna jump their bones. So you go ahead and do it…. Most likely after waiting so you don’t seem like what society would call a “slut”. Another completely full of shit label created by people who are full of shit. So time goes by and little things occur. Things you pay no mind to, cuz its no big deal, right? For example. You made plans to go out with your friends and he decides to tell you ” hey babe, you can go out with them another night, i wanna see the giants game and go eat wings with my family. You can chill with my sisters or my homeboy’s girl. So…. Thinking nothing of it, you cancel your plans with your best friend and go ahead with his plans. And thats how it all begins.

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