Hello…. From Me

Hello everyone…. I have lived a life trying to please everyone around me. To be ashamed of who i was, what i believed, my voice, my opinions, my actions, etc. And because of this shame that was instilled inside of me, i lived a life of misery and self hatred. I didnt believe in who i was and whom i was supposed to be. Like as if i was some mentally ill being for speaking the truth.
Well to those who feel alone, and feel ashamed of who they are and feel worthless… You are not! You are special, you are unlike others who act and portray an image to be like everyone else. They are full of shit!

Be one of a kind, keep speaking your mind no matter how weird it sounds to others. Be who you were meant to be. No one has the right to label you! Wtf?! Are we Stepford Wives in a land called Pleasantville??? Fk no!

Nice to meet you…. And please share this to others who need help being who they are supposed to be!

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